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Business License

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The Town of Montross requires persons engaged in any business, trade, profession, or occupation or calling to apply for a license for each such business.

Every person or business subject to licensure shall be assessed and required to pay annually a fee for the issuance of such license in the amount of $30.00.

Every person handling for retail sale any alcoholic beverage, as defined and permitted by the Code of Virginia, Section 4.1-100 et seq., shall pay an additional license tax.

Renewal of Existing Annual Licenses:

Applications are mailed as soon after January 1st each year as practical. Completed applications are due on or before March 1st. Invoices are mailed upon receipt of the renewal forms from business owners and payment is due on or before March 1st to avoid a 10% penalty.

Town of Montross Business Development Incentive Programs


The Town’s Commitment to Economic Growth

The Town of Montross is committed to growing and strengthening our community.

Managed economic growth is a key component of a sustainable local economy.  Our goals of reducing vacant building within the town limits, creating local jobs, and encouraging citizens to view Montross as a safe downtown walking district where one can shop, dine, enjoy entertainment, and find local services such as legal offices, medical care, real estate agents postal services and more are all outcomes of the Town’s revitalization efforts several years ago. This vision is outlined and supported through community surveys in 2018 Comprehensive Plan.

The Town of Montross offers two programs to encourage and assist new businesses in opening or relocating to Montross and assist existing businesses in modernizing or expanding their operations.

  1. Montross Revolving Loan Program.

Prospective owners and current businesses can borrow up to $35,000 at 3% interest on a ten (10) year repayment schedule. For loan program application and requirements, see the Business Loan Application attached to this document.

   2. Business Rent Assistance Program (new or relocating).

Montross is offering a forgivable grant of up to $625.00 per month ($7,500/year) to a prospective business applicant seeking to locate (rent, lease, or purchase) within the Town limits.

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