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Tuesday, February 13, 2024  7:00pm

George D. English building


Notice is hereby given that, in accordance with 15.2-2308 of the Code of Virginia, as amended, the Town of Montross Board of Zoning Appeals will hold a public hearing beginning at 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday, February 13, 2024 in the George D. English building, 111 Polk Street, Montross, Virginia to consider and decide a Special Exception application.  As required by the provisions of Code of Virginia, Section 15.2-2204, as amended, the purpose of the public hearing is to receive comments on the following Special Exception application:

  • Request by property owner Stanley Schoppe, 17111 Kings Highway, Montross, Virginia 22520 and Spread Your Wings Supportive Counseling, LLC, 2430 Southland Drive, Chester, Virginia 23831 for a Special Exception permit to use the property/structure as described below by the leasee:

The purpose of the zoning exception application is to be able to use the facility as a stabilization facility. The property is currently not zoned for a short-term stabilization facility. Our facility will help stabilize individuals who are experiencing a form of psychosis in a professional environment. Each case is individualized, and we treat each patient depending upon their needs.

We are a lower than hospitalization facility, because not all patients having psychosis breakdowns need to be hospitalized. We allow patients to be stabilized and rehabbed throughout their stay, which can range from 1 week to 6 months.


Our staffing will consist of licensed professional counselors, therapist, qualified mental health professionals, nurse, CNAs and a coordinator.

Our facility will be licensed and regulated through the Virginia Department of Behavioral Health and Development. They will monitor and inspect to ensure that we are up to code and regulation with the state.

Company Information

Spread Your Wings Supportive Counseling's mission is to promote growth to members of our community. It is our mission to provide effective training and education to members within our community who are in need of guidance in the areas of mental health and are having difficulty managing daily life activities, mental health symptoms, health, safety and more.  Spread Your Wings Supportive Counseling, LLC believes that effective, ethical and quality service will enhance the motivation of our clients in addition to benefiting the entire family.  Spread Your Wings Supportive Counseling aims to decrease the stigma mental health has within our communities. Spread Your Wings Supportive Counseling, LLC will provide fair, ethical and quality services within the communities we serve.

  • After the public hearing, the Board of Zoning Appeals is expected to take legislative action on the application. 

A copy of the application is available at the Town Office, 15869 Kings Highway, Montross, Virginia for review during regular business hours Monday through Friday, between 9:00am and 5:00pm

By Order of The Town of Montross

Board of Zoning Appeals

Francine Taylor, Zoning Administrator

Utility Bills: 
It doesn't seem as though anyone has received their February water/trash bill, 
including the Town Office, but you can call, stop by or drop your payment off at our office.  If you need your balance, just give us a call at 804-493-9623. 
Or we'd love to see your smiling face, so come on by!

See new water meter message below!


Good day residents of Montross,

Our great town is now moving forward with a water meter replacement project! You may have already seen some of our contractors moving around town in the last few weeks putting up infrastructure and others finishing up the water line replacement project.  If you have any questions as the installers come to town at the end of January, please don’t hesitate to give us a call! In the meantime, normal things you can expect to see are:

  • Crews of two people moving around front yards and in front of businesses to access meter boxes

  • Knocks on doors in efforts to let residents know the water is going to be off for a short period of time while the meter is being changed

  • Door hangers on front doors from the installation contractor

  • The installation contractor trying to get in touch with commercial property owners to schedule meter change-outs as we understand this may need to happen outside of normal business hours

In light of these things, if you see evidence that these crews have changed out your individual meter, please turn on a hose spigot, utility sink, or bathtub (something that doesn’t have a screen/strainer) and let the water run until it runs clear.  This safely removes any debris that may have gotten into the line when the meter was replaced.

The Vanguard meter installation employees will have official identification badges should they reach out to you.

As always, thank you for your patience as we make our best effort to provide you with a safe and efficient water system!

Thank you,

Fran Taylor

Town Manager


Welcome to the

Town of Montross

Montross is a small town located in the historic Northern Neck of Virginia. The population of the town counts 390 people. Montross is the County Seat of Westmoreland County.  The town has historic roots as it is located near George Washington's birthplace and the Stratford Hall Plantation.

The town is considered the mural capital of the Northern Neck as it has fourteen beautiful murals located on or inside different buildings within the town quarters. The town has recently gone through a revitalization program that has turned it into a destination for art lovers as well as antiquers.

When Westmoreland County was formed in 1653 from part of Northumberland County, the first courthouse was erected on the property of the newly appointed sheriff, at an area now called Currioman, overlooking Currioman Bay. A new high sheriff, John Lord, was appointed in 1658, and in 1667 he directed that a new courthouse be built on property he owned near the center of the County, at a site that is now Montross. A town be­gan to grow around this new courthouse. As was customary, the town was named after the County, and so Montross was called Westmoreland Courthouse until 1752.

In 1751, an Irish merchant, William Black, purchased 110 acres of land surrounding the Courthouse and began to operate a store on the pro­perty. Black owned a ship that he used to bring goods from England. The ship was called the Montross, after Black’s native town of Montross, Ireland.

Shortly after Black began his business, references to the Town of Montross, Virginia, began to appear, and at some later time the Town was officially given that name. Since then, the Town has continued to play an official role as the Westmoreland County seat. Montross also serves as a commercial center for the County.

Contact Information


Montross Town Hall
15869 Kings Highway

PO Box 126
Montross, Virginia 22520

Phone - (804) 493-9623

Fax     - (804) 493-9036

Email  -

The Town Hall is open Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Francine Taylor - Town Manager


The 2022 Water Quality Report can be found on the Resources tab of this website. 

A paper copy is available upon request

from the Town Office.  

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